Monday, September 17, 2012

How to Increase Your Staff’s Productivity: Revealed by Motivational Speaker Mike Pagan

Consider yourself lucky if you have a staff that is composed of extremely talented and skilled individuals who have crucial knowledge and experience under their belt. More often than not, we may have one or two of these individuals in our enterprise’s roster. These are the movers and shakers of the company, and are seen as being responsible for inspiring the other members of the staff and getting them on their feet. 

But in order to motivate individuals, a leader needs to be able to get through to them effectively. He or she needs to speak with gravitas, win credibility, and create an impact that could be felt by the most junior members of the staff up to the other leaders of the organization itself. 

Are leaders born, not made?

There is a saying that leaders are born, not made. But this could be disputed. In fact, most leaders go through years of training so they can emerge as stellar examples of hard work, competence, and dedication. Their stories are an inspiration in themselves. If you have leaders like these, it is easy enough to create a company philosophy centred on achieving one’s utmost potential.

Motivating and educating your staff entails the help of an expert.

The leaders in your organisation are, in a way, just like any other person in the company – they need to be motivated in order to motivate others in turn. They may need to develop certain skills that will help them produce results. 

With a motivational speaker like Mike Pagan, your enterprise’s leaders can gain a better understanding of how they can build sustainable relationships – both with other staff members and customers. They can also learn how to win the trust of other members of the team, who will then begin to work closely with them for the benefit of the entire organisation.

It all begins with a look at their personas – and their personal issues as well. Once they have a better inkling of their own set of motivations, they can take charge and start working for a common goal. 

If you would like to improve your staff’s productivity, take a look at our motivational speaker services that can be fully customised according to your company’s needs.



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